Sunday, September 1, 2013

See You At Harry's by Jo Knowles

Last year I had several students who asked for a book that would make them cry. Well, look no further - this is the novel for you!

Fern's family is rather eccentric. Her mother and father own Harry's, a family restaurant, and her father will do anything, including putting all his children in dinosaur t-shirts and featuring them in television commercials and advertisements all around their small town, to build the business.

Twelve-year-old Fern feels invisible in her family; Sarah, just graduated from high school and taking a gap year, isn't thrilled about working in the family business; and, Holden, a freshman in high school, is dealing with sexual identity issues and is being relentlessly bullied on the school bus. The only sibling thrilled with being in the Harry's commercial is three-year-old Charlie who becomes popular as the adorable toddler who yells, " See you at Hawee's!"

This beautifully written book, deals with some very difficult family issues. But See You at Harry's isn't a depressing book. It's sad (very), funny, charming, and heartwarming. I'd recommend this book to students from 7th grade on up - I loved it!

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