Monday, October 28, 2013

Taste Test by Kelly Fiore

I love reality shows like Top Chef and Project Runway, so when I saw this book I had to order it!

Nora has practically been raised in her father's barbecue restaurant. She can braise ribs and baste pulled pork with the best. But when she is accepted to the reality show and competition Taste Test, she suddenly begins to question her cooking skills. A lot is at stake - a full scholarship to ISC-Paris which would take Nora out of her small hometown and provide an experience she could never afford on her own.

However, when Nora arrives at the North American Culinary Academy, she seems to make enemies from the beginning. She must room with self-absorbed Joy who won't even speak to her. And super-cute contestant Christian and Joy seem to have an unfair advantage over the other contestants.

Nora and Christian seem evenly matched when the cooking competition begins - they each win quick challenges. But then strange, dangerous things begin to happen. A faucet explodes injuring one of the contestants. As other potentially fatal "accidents" happen, besides competing in a cooking competition, Nora needs to find out who is behind all these incidents.

There's a mystery in this book, some romance, and lots and lots of great recipes! If you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on a reality show, read this book. Very light, enjoyable read.

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  1. Oh, good! I just picked this one up at a book look.