Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Fallout by S.A. Bodeen

The Fallout is the long-awaited sequel to S.A. Bodeen's The Compound.

I don't want to spoil The Compound for anyone who hasn't yet read it, but this book deals with Eli and his family after they have escaped from the underground compound where Eli's father had isolated and kept his family captive.

Eli, his mother, and his siblings haven't seen daylight or interacted with other people for six years and find that adjusting to everyday life isn't easy. His father, who died in the compound explosion,  is now notorious and in the news for his heinous act. Everyone wants to meet the family that underwent this horrible ordeal.  Eli can't even go outside without being followed. All he wants to do is be a normal teenager

This book is almost as captivating as its predecessor.  I think what made The Compound so memorable to me was seeing just how evil Eli's father was. There are some surprising moments in The Fallout, but since the reader has the background information from the first book, the plot and characters are already known.

So while I didn't devour The Fallout as quickly as The Compound, it did keep me reading. If you read The Compound, you need to read this sequel; if you didn't read The Compound, what are you waiting for?

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