Monday, November 18, 2013

Fallout by Todd Strasser

When I was in elementary school  we had emergency drills in case of nuclear war. All students would duck under their desks and stay there until the drill was over. I guess I was too young to really understand the danger, but I never thought we would have a nuclear war; I probably didn't even know what a nuclear war was.

In Fallout, Strasser imagines what would happen if the United States was really attacked with nuclear weapons.

In 1962, Scott's father is the only one on his block to build a bomb shelter and to supply it with water, food, and other items that may be needed if his family must survive for days or weeks underground.

People in the neighborhood laugh at Scott's family until, in the middle of the night, sirens go off and the bomb shelter is the only way for people to survive.

The only problem is Mr. Porter stocked the bomb shelter for four and now his neighbors are clamoring to get in.  How can ten people survive for weeks with food and water intended for four?
While reading, I wondered how I would treat my neighbors. Would I let them in even if it might mean that my family's survival might be compromised?

Fallout was a fast, riveting read that I think both middle school boys and girls will enjoy.

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