Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We're On Fire!!!

We decided to have a Catching Fire book party early in the year to capitalize on the enthusiasm for the book and the upcoming movie.
Seventy-five students signed up! As they came in to the media center, they reached into a bag and choose a pin to see which district they would be in.
Each district received an arena "clock" with their schedule for the afternoon. Districts competed in trivia, a cornucopia challenge, and physical competitions.

On to the Cornucopia Challenge where districts must choose items that will help them in the arena.

Now districts compete in some physical challenges.
Back to the media center for Ms. Benton's famous cupcakes and a special announcement.

We've reserved a movie theater on opening day so we can all experience the movie together!
 Can't wait!!

A big thank you to all the teachers who helped plan and execute the party. We had 12 teachers and a few staff members who took their time to plan and supervise the activities. I really can't thank you enough!


  1. As always, this sounds like it was a fabulous party!!!! I so wish I could have attended, and I am hoping there will be another party at the end of the year. Thanks.

  2. Sophie since you signed up for the party and read the book, do you want to come to the movie with us?
    See me tomorrow!

    1. Thank you so much, Mrs. Miller! I am so excited to come to the movie, and I will be doing my permission slip and payment tonight. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Ms.Miller,
    The party was absolutely amazing. I had a fabulous time! The activities were SOOOO much fun! Thanks for organizing this great events along with AMSB teachers. I really appreciate it.
    ~ Ananya K.

  4. Hi, Mrs. Miller and all,
    This looked to be such a great party. Mrs. Benton's cupcakes were amazing. I know a lot of planning went into this event to make it such a success. I was in on Friday, Nov. 22 - the day of the field trip to see the film. I hope it went well and everyone enjoyed it. Keep on READING! Mrs. Stanley

  5. Awesome job with the entire project. Looks Really Good!