Thursday, January 16, 2014

Control by Lydia Kang

Zelia lives in 2150 where transportation is by automatic "mags", instead of computers everyone has a personal holo, and society hides away any people who deviate from normal.

When Zelia's father dies in a mag crash, plans are made for both Zelia and her sister, Dyl, to go live with a foster family. But before that happens, Dyl is kidnapped

Zelia is fostered by Marka who lives in a very secure building where you must have your blood tested to even enter. When Zelia meets her foster brothers and sisters things get very weird.

This novel is part sci-fi, part adventure/thriller, and part romance, with a dab of some real medical facts in the mix. Zelia has Ondine's Curse, a real, rare medical condition that causes Zelia to forget to breathe. Kang mixes science fiction with medical reality which makes some of the very outlandish things in the book seem almost real.

Zelia is in a race for her sister's life. She must decode Dyl's DNA and found out why she was kidnapped and where she was taken. Because of some drug use and some mature situations, I would recommend this for more mature readers. I think casual readers or younger students would be confused by some of the plot twists and turns in this book.

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