Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hostage Three by Nick Lake

Amy's mother died two years ago, her father is a workaholic, and just as she is taking her very last high school exam, she gets expelled from boarding school.

Life probably shouldn't get much worse, but when her father and stepmother decide to sail around the world and take Amy with them, things quickly become dire.

Somali pirates take over their boat and demand ransom money before they will release them. The pirates ransack their possessions, taking food, clothes, and any electronic equipment they can find. They refer to Amy and her family as Hostage One, Hostage Two, and Hostage Three. They don't want to attach a name to each person; they would rather think of them as objects.

But one of the pirates, Farouz, speaks English and slowly he and Amy begin to exchange stories. Farouz tells Amy about his life in Somalia and about his brother who has been wrongly imprisoned. Farouz needs money to buy his brother freedom.

This is not an easy story to read. Because of the nature of the story line, I would recommend this book to grade 8 and up. It is a very compelling and gripping read.

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