Friday, January 31, 2014

Safekeeping by Karen Hesse

Radley has just come back from helping out in Haiti and expects to have her parents greet her at the airport. Hours go by and no one comes. Her cell phone has died so she can't call them and airport security is scrutinizing every move she makes. She needs to do something, so she begins the long trek home to Vermont from the airport in New Hampshire.  But everything has changed since she left home. There are travel restrictions so she can't cross state lines without papers, curfews so she can't be outside past 10 o'clock, and monetary restrictions where her credit cards aren't good any more.   Radley must survive in this strange land she used to call home.  Slowly, the reader, along with Radley, piece together what happened in the short time she was out of the country.
The writing is beautiful in this short book that also includes photographs taken by the author. Safekeeping will only take an evening or two to read. Make yourself a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate and settle down for a read you won't soon forget.

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