Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Midwinter Blood by Marcus Sedgwick

Winner of the Printz Award for 2014

Midwinter Blood is a novel for readers who like to piece the puzzle together and think while they read. Told in interconnected stories that begin in the future and weaves its way into the past, this novel kept me reading and guessing until the end.

It begins in 2073 on the remote isle of Blessed.  Life at first seems idyllic when Eric Seven, a reporter, arrives on the island. But he soon begins to notice that there are no children around and remembers the rumor that here on the island people live forever.

He soon meets Merle and instantly has a feeling that he has met her before. Island life proceeds peacefully from day to day, and Eric wakes up many mornings forgetting exactly why he is on the island.

This book was almost mesmerizing to me. The language is beautiful and  the scenery on the island is breathtaking.  I would recommend Midwinter Blood for more mature readers and readers who like to piece the plot together. Some mature content may  make this more appropriate for readers 8th grade and up.


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