Friday, February 21, 2014

One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Oh boy, I loved One for the Murphy's!  It's deceptively simple but very moving. It's not often I think about the ending of a YA book for days afterward, but I can't get  Carley, the young narrator, off my mind.     I really wanted a happier ending for this book!  Twelve-year-old Carley has had a  very difficult life. Her mother neglects her and her step-father has physically abused her - she ends up in foster care.
Thank goodness for the Murphys who take Carley into their family. With three boys of their own, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy open their home to her. It's not easy for Carley to adjust to this rather boisterous family, but slowly she opens her heart.

When Carley's mother, who is in the hospital, asks to see her, every fiber of my being was telling her to stay away. Does Carley's mother want her back? And should she go? I'd love to talk about the ending of this book with someone, so if you read it please let me know!


  1. One of our teachers is doing a book study on this one. Definitely interesting. Are you planning on participating in Deb Marshall's Middle Grade March? ( I'm glad she's starting with a reading marathon, since we're expecting more snow!

  2. I don't know about Middle Grade March- I'll definitely check it out right now.

    And we're expecting snow on Monday, too. I came home prepared with a stack of books!

    Thanks for the information-