Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eye of the Storm by Kate Messner

Jaden is spending the summer with her father and stepmother in Placid Meadows, a community where she can be safe from the horrific storms that have become very intense and very frequent.

In Placid Meadows no one has to worry about the storms that are plaguing the rest of the country. Storms approach Placid Meadows, then take a turn just when they reach the outskirts of the town. People who live in other places all have storm shelters where they go when they receive a storm warning. Children can't go far from home or ride bikes because they must be able to reach a storm shelter quickly.

The year is 2053 and things seem very much like they do today with a few exceptions.  Everyone reads and stores data on DataSlates (which remind me of iPads), there are very few paper books, and food has been genetically modified so it always looks perfect.

Eye of the Storm is an adventure that will keep you reading. Jaden suspects her father is not only altering storm patterns but is also able to intensify and direct storms to the location he wants. Jaden's father wants to  build another community like Placid Meadows but can't because some farms in the area won't sell their land to him.

This book blends adventure, meteorology, and technology with a good mystery. Add a feisty librarian to the mix and this book had me hooked! Suitable for all middle school - boys and girls will equally love it.

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