Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Call Life by Jill Wolfson

 Cal Lavender is not your average eleven-year-old. She's a pro at hiding her emotions and she definitely can take care of herself. She can, in fact, take care of both herself and her mother because her mother has "episodes." The latest episode took place at the library and was so outlandish the police were called.

Cal was taken away in a police car and brought to the Knitting Lady's foster home. She is sure her mother will be there to pick her up before nightfall, but learns from the social worker that her mother must follow certain rules if she wants to have Cal come home. Cal is certain her mother won't be able to follow the rules without Cal being there to help her. But Cal is stuck at this foster home with a strange lady who likes to tell stories and knit, and four other girls, all with stories of their own.

This is a wonderful, well-written, heartbreaking story - I loved it and so will many middle school girls!

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