Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Have A Bad Feeling About This by Jeff Strand

This is a great book for anyone looking for a humorous book for middle school. It reminded me of an updated, funny version of Holes. And since what people find funny differs wildly from person-to-person, instead of summarizing the book, here's an excerpt:


Wilderness Survival Tip #1
Drinking your own sweat will not save your life. Somebody might have told you that, but they were trying to find out if you’d really do it.

Henry Lambert would rather play video games than spend time in the great outdoors–but that doesn’t make him a wuss. Skinny nerd? Fine. But wuss is a little harsh. Sadly, his dad doesn’t agree. Which is why Henry is being shipped off to Strongwoods Survival Camp.
Strongwoods isn’t exactly as advertised. It looks like the victim of a zombie apocalypse, the “camp director” is a psycho drill sergeant, and Henry’s sure he saw a sign written in blood…

Wilderness Survival Tip #2
In case of an avalanche, don’t despair. You’re doomed, but that’s a wicked cool death.

Wilderness Survival Tip #3
If you’re relying on this book for actual survival tips, you’re dead already.

I already know several boys I'm recommending this to - they'll love it!!

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