Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Broken by CJ Lyons

Scarlet is a freshman in high school and she is going to die. Soon. She has Long QT which is an incurable heart condition. Right now all she wants is to be is a regular girl and attend high school just like everyone else. Scarlet's mother finally allows her to attend with the caveat that she may go for one week. If she gets sick at all, she will have to again stay home and be home-schooled.                     This is Scarlet's story that takes place over five days. Her first five days of regular school ever.     Wow, this story will keep you reading. And reading...      There is a twist at the end, that I saw coming from the beginning, but somehow that didn't stop the suspense for me.                            I especially recommend Broken for people who like books like The Fault in Our Stars.

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