Friday, October 3, 2014

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

Darcy is just 18 years old and a writer. Her novel is actually getting published! When she moves to New York instead of attending college, her parents are concerned but allow her to go and live on the advance money from her publisher.

The tag-line on the novel's cover really says it all:

Darcy writes the words.
   Lizzie lives them.

Both Darcy and Lizzie tell their stories in alternating chapters. The book begins when Lizzie survives a horrible terrorist attack at the airport. She plays dead and is the only survivor. Yami, an afterworld guide, arrives to help her navigate this strange ethereal world.

Chapters and events interweave and it is so interesting following the stories of both girls. This is a "smart" novel. One that you need to think about when you read. Students who like to write or are interesting in writing and the publishing world will love this novel. English teachers will LOVE this novel.

There is romance throughout the novel including same sex dating. If your parents don't want you to read books with foul language, you may want to put this novel on hold for a few years. But over-all, many students will love following Lizzie's adventures in the underworld and Darcy's adventures in New York.


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  2. Hello amitybooktalk!
    This post is incredible! The plot of the book sounds very interesting and exciting!!! I hope I will get to this book very soon. Plus I love Scott Westerfeld's novels. Maybe you know the Uglies series? I really love this one.
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