Monday, October 6, 2014

Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

Tripp and Lyla are about as different as two people can get. Tripp uses the practice room to escape from his home life as he pours everything he has into the guitar.

 Perfect Lyla must share the practice room with Tripp on even days. She is a terrific student and award-winning cellist who is competing to get accepted at The Coles Conservatory of Music.

When Lyla arrives at the practice room and finds it a mess, with crumpled leftovers from Tripp's lunch, she's upset and leaves him a note:

Dear Odd Day Musician,
     We are sharing this room. Please remove your trash from the music stand when you are done.
-The Even Day Musician

And then finds his reply:

Dear Ms. Even Day,
     Thank you so much for the little note you left in the guitar case.
     The napkin that I left on the music stand was not trash. I wrote a chord progression on it. Did you throw it away in your quest for a perfect spotless world?
     Most Sincerely,
     Mr. Odd Day
     P.S. Please do not leave negative Even Day vibes all over the room. They will soak into this guitar, which will ruin it. Please clean up after yourself.

This Nutmeg nominee for 2014 is funny, engaging, and terribly sad. Anyone interested in music will love it, but even if you are not a musician, there is much that will engage you in this book.

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